Monday, June 16, 2008

Horse-back riding for three and half hours was one of hell of an experience....riding on edge of cliffs, maneuvering your own horse all the while, over-taking, it was simply the best experience I have had in adventure sports....On our way back, the sun had set and it just so amazing to look at the city from a distance atop a hill, where the only sound is of the hooves. I felt like a warrior (Kurosawa's Ran came to mind) riding it...Awesomeness! Huge thanks to Joe for taking us there and even riding along with us.

Chief at work, the DW India team with DW Indian Team at Glendale,

Me doing some serious shredding, am sure you can tell with the expression...

And then there was the mother of all experiences, being invited to watch the crew screening of Kung Fu Panda, very entertaining movie and am sure it will go a long long way at the box-office, but what was more special to me was the feeling of seeing everyone's names at the credits and the applause with that, had a huge lump in my throat the entire credit sequence. Animation wise, man, some serious action stuff in there....always wonder what the animators producing such qualilty work eat.

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