Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Angular Compositions

Some explorations I did on still frames from movies looking for compositional cues.

The last image is my particular favorite and taken from the Seven Camels blog by Mark Kennedy which discusses it beautifully. Apart from the angular composition, there is also textural or surface detail contrast. I feel this image is well-balanced in terms of the level of detail in its three different subjects and the eye keeps following one thing to other and keeps the interest in the artwork alive.

Some explorations in the power-centers of Force and Balance

Looking for the Visual Cues

Textural Contrast, smooth against spikes

Lovely example of contrast in color, with the silhouette of the fingers being clearly visible against a dark colored tree.

I am sure this is self-explanatory what kind of contrast this is :)

The below two images show 'affinity / similarity' in the tonal composition. This usually helps in reflecting the mood of the scene, it can be pleasant, dark, sinister, suspicious etc. At times, even a choice of a particular color / tone can mean the occurrence of an event, action or can be used to convey a particular trait in the film. For ex - every time the color blue appeared in the overall composition of the movie 'Murder on the Orient Express', it would mean that a murder is about to take place.

Contrast In Animation

Off late, it has been very interesting to watch out for elements which make a scene, shot work beautifully. Visual elements like line, shape, color, the contrasting elements in visual picture, the affinity factor, staging, triangular composition, circular composition...

Basically, what makes the eye look-at certain things in a frame, in other words, leading the eye of the viewer to what you want to show. Such a beautiful subject and so much to explore.

I got influenced and inspired in this subject more so, after reading Cameron Fielding's exploration of the power of pyramids.

And then there was the Bruce Block lecture that I attended while training at DreamWorks, Glendale. He opened up a lot of doors and his book is truly worth reading in understanding the visual elements of story-telling. Highly recommended.

I will soon try and post some images I tried to explore and look for these elements.

Gotta love Contrast.

'DreamWorks Supervising Animator' James Baxter - Bangalore Workshop Nov 6

A golden oppurtunity for all the Animators around -

There is going to be a character animation workshop along with a Q & A session by DreamWorks Supervising Animator, James Baxter (Credits) on Nov 6th.

Having watched (in the archives actually) his 3-day workshop at DreamWorks, this is for sure a golden chance to all the Animators, professionals or students to learn from his session.

More info to be followed soon as to the venue and time.