Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contrast In Animation

Off late, it has been very interesting to watch out for elements which make a scene, shot work beautifully. Visual elements like line, shape, color, the contrasting elements in visual picture, the affinity factor, staging, triangular composition, circular composition...

Basically, what makes the eye look-at certain things in a frame, in other words, leading the eye of the viewer to what you want to show. Such a beautiful subject and so much to explore.

I got influenced and inspired in this subject more so, after reading Cameron Fielding's exploration of the power of pyramids.

And then there was the Bruce Block lecture that I attended while training at DreamWorks, Glendale. He opened up a lot of doors and his book is truly worth reading in understanding the visual elements of story-telling. Highly recommended.

I will soon try and post some images I tried to explore and look for these elements.

Gotta love Contrast.

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